Seabed exploration

The dives in Lampedusa island sea are able to offer even the most demanding divers splendid experiences. The temperature of the water which in the summer months exceeds 28 degrees, its extraordinary clarity, which allows visibility of over 40 meters, the great abundance of fish such as cernias, amberjacks, snappers, barracudas , but also fish typical of tropical waters such as the parrot fish and crossbow , make this sea a splendid film.

Immersing oneself in the waters of Lampedusa is like immersing oneself in fantasy, the sea gives a grat show.

We can cross seabeds that degrade gently consisting of coral sand and seagrass meadows where shoals of salps are the masters of the house.

We can choose to play with an innumerable amount of small fish in what is the softest dive of the island “the rabbit’s loaf”, enter and exit caves frescoed by sponges and parazoanthus that evoke the memory of places in everyone’s mind sacred and precious canvases.

We can then go further, a few minutes out of the port to make interesting encounters with the caretta-caretta turtles and the dolphins who have fun circumnavigating the island, up to the Lampione rock with its steep walls that run down into the most intense blue, leaning against a backdrop where the boulders seem to be even larger, while the echoes of large and small fish in mid-water draw large halos on the screen. The Mediterranean spectacle will not cease to amaze you. The dive in Linosa with its towers isolated in the blue will make you tremble. The colors, the beauty of a backdrop that does not fear the dark, the sun’s rays that penetrate deeply will accompany you in climbing these submerged peaks. It will be the large groupers and the step fish to guide you and once you have surfaced you will not ask for more.

But if the weather will be mild another fairytale dive awaits you, the shoals of the Levant, but … … I won’t describe it, I’ll wait for you !!!


Discover the seabed of Pelagie islands

Moby Diving

The Moby Diving Center, will make you discover the secrets of the seabed of Lampedusa, Lampione and Linosa , the islands that make up this wonderful Archipelago, a heritage for Mediterranean biodiversity, which will amaze you both underwater and on the water.
In fact, you can enjoy a sea rich in flora, fauna and fish of rare beauty, including groupers, moray eels, parrot fish and, for the luckiest, turtles, dolphins and gray sharks. Whatever the level of experience accumulated and the patent obtained, the staff will support you with professionalism and competence, but above all in total safety, letting you experience and experience the transparent waters of the area.