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    Useful Informations

    Below you can find some useful informations about Lampedusa and how to get there.

    On boat You can reach us with the Siremar ship: daily departure from Porto Empedocle (AG) and sailing for about 8 hours. The ship sets sail every day at 11.30pm. Arrives at 8.30am. In the summer, the Ustica Lines hydrofoils run twice a day and can be booked all year round. The duration of the hydrofoil journey is 4 hours. Both solutions can be booked at the Siremar Shipping Agency By plane Connections from the main airports bookable through us, for all those who will stay at our "holiday homes" special rates on DIRECT charter flights operated by: Neos Air and Blue Panorama airlines (every Saturday and Sunday from BOLOGNA-BERGAMO-VERONA) ask me for a quote to find out about the promotional rates.
    The perimeter of the island is almost entirely covered by public transport, so it is easy to reach beaches, coves and places of interest by bus. A one-way ticket costs €1. In Lampedusa there are two circular buses: Red one (Cala Creta) and Blue one (Isola dei Conigli), both leave every hour from Piazza Comm. Brignone.
    Many visitors often ask me questions about the "illegal problem". The problem is there, it exists. However, I would like to tell you in complete tranquility that the "illegals" do not bring any disturbance to the "tourist" life of the island. The serene daily life of this tiny land that represents the southernmost point of Europe is absolutely not conditioned by the sometimes massive landings but constantly monitored by the police who operate with great discretion and professionalism. Immigration is a serious problem, which involves all of us, of a national nature and certainly not limited to the "landings" on Lampedusa. Unfortunately, the mass media with their reports, always dramatically alarming in their search to strike "the collective imagination", present a picture of reality that is not the real one. You will notice that… will not notice anything; the only place where you will have the opportunity to see them if you really want to is by browsing at the reception center, watching television or more simply by going to any railway station in any big city! Controversy aside, you may decide not to come to Lampedusa if you are looking for green gardens, "high" social life, shops on via Montenapoleone, beaches that stretch for miles but certainly not for the "illegal problem". Instead, you can decide to live an experience on this island whose humble strength comes from the sea, from the scents of the Mediterranean and from the warmth of the great simple hospitality of its people. You choose.
    Lampedusa was chosen as the headquarters of the Dolphin Research Center because, given its geographical position, it represents a privileged point of observation and study of some cetaceans that live in the Mediterranean. In fact, in the stretch of sea that surrounds the island it is quite easy to spot different species of dolphins such as bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins, striped dolphins and in particular periods of the year, it is also possible to observe some large marine mammals such as the fin whale, the minke whale and the Sperm whale. In the Dolphin Research Center of Lampedusa there is a service (S.O.S Delfini) which allows the reporting of specimens in difficulty and/or that have remained stranded, or to communicate exceptional sightings. In addition to carrying out study and research activities, the Center intends to create a program of activities to inform and raise awareness among the fishing community, the local population and tourists. The ultimate goal is to come up with a specific plan for the conservation of these splendid animals increasingly threatened by pollution, nautical traffic and fishing activities. With the help of the center's staff, tourists will be able to contribute to the protection of the dolphins and discover their world by participating in a series of thematic meetings with film and slide projections. Daily excursions are possible with the rubber dinghy to meet and film the dolphins around the 'island. If you still want to discover this fantastic world……..don't hesitate, come and visit us!!!


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